As I just turned back, I bumped on a man chest. That man… My man… but I was still on denial not to have understood that my spirit soul and body was craving for HIM.

However, my head, oh yes my head was thinking otherwise. My head was still rejecting that fact.

Oh noooonnn pas Lui Seigneur ! O nooooo…. God !!! not him! shounting in my head I was not in the mood of talking to him. Like I told you, my head was still in rejection mood.

Oma: « hey babe, wassup? » she asked when she came to join me back at the bar.  » What’s wrong? Why are you squeezing your face like that? » she continued.

Me: « babe! You won’t believe what just happened to me. Can you believe this? Is it not that idiot over there » I pointed at his direction, showing her the man I bumped into.

Oma: « who? That one talking with Kunle overthere? » She pointed.

Me:  » yes, Mr “ I know everything” (yeah, that’s me, I like to give people nickname, lol) I did not expected him to be here. » I said.

Oma: « and what’s happened? »

Me: « forget, I don’t even want to talk about it, not to think about that stupid man. So gist me … » i said changing the topic.

Oma: « hmm! OK, oo! My dear, guess what? » She asked. I could see that she was excited.

Me:  » oya shoot. what’s again???, when you start like that, it means you are “concocting” something (create or organizing something mysteriously).

Oma: « Who me? (With her eyes open like somebody who is a surprise) forget! So as i was saying before you cut me off… Kunle wants us to go to club ». She said.

Me: « Ihuomaaaa…. In this city? At this time? » I shouted.

Oma:  » If you want to stay here at this boring party, I will leave you. Me… I’m off. » She stood up ready to go.

Me: « E be like say you no be Naija babe again o! jo’burg doesn’t even teach you life well as it’s supposed to be! Right?! This place where insecurity is level one globally; you want to go around the town just for club. » I said following here behind

Oma: « abeg leave me alone… and… what are you talking? which city is n°01 insecure city in the world? Lagos? U dey mad! Please don’t let me go alone na; the place is not even that far, it is in V.I (Victoria Island) here na, abeg let’s go. » She said dragging me by my hand.

She forced me to follow her to that club with her new jackpot, as she always calls her new date. And guess who that jackpot was? It was the Europe regional manager based in London.

That guy she asked me to look at the party, Mr. Kunle Daniel Ayobami. He was not London Country Manager as I was thinking.

That’s how we left the party to go to nightclub with Kunle. It was just super at the nightclub PICCOLO MONDO. It’s a restaurant, lounge & night club complex, Very class for big “pipo” (meaning people) living around Victoria Island.

On our way to the place, I was not comfortable at first in the car. It is not my first trip to LOS but, ah… who does not fear Lagos?
This city where anything can happen at any time in a day: bomb blast ooo with Boko haram pipo, Kidnappers, thieves, rapists, gunshot anyhow as if they think they are in United States of America.

45mns later, we arrived at the club. It was not that close as she said « around here ». It was still a bit far from the party area. Lagos is not a small city like Dakar. This is Lagos we are talking about a city of 25 million people hein if I am not exaggerating, lol… and trust me, when you drive for 45mns during the night when traffic has reduced in Lagos, this means that the place is far… for my liking.

We finally got to the place. Thank God my dress was OK and also decent for the nightclub. I had on me a black top with shiny sequins shining in the dark, my black trouser ¾ and brown shoes, I was just OK. Ihuoma, as usual, in a sexy light cream dress with the back open. She was very beautiful.

We entered in the club, and as you know women, we went first to the toilets for a small touch of makeup.
Kunle had already ordered for our “salon,” as they call it. The guy rated for Champaign, jack Daniels and Martini… “Mr. too much money,” was his nickname.yeah, giving by me again, what???, leave me alone.

Kunle: « my African queen » he said to Ihuoma. « I hope you,re enjoying yourself? what’s the name of your friend again? » He asking turning to my direction.

Oma: « Tomiwa…. But I always call her Liane. Liane meets Kunle, Kunle this is Liane. » She introduced us to each other.

Kunle: « nice to meet you, beautiful lady, but I’ll prefer to call you Tomiwa. I hope you don’t mind. » He said.

Me: « Nice to meet you too; and no, I don’t mind. I’m used to be called that way by Nigerians. » I replied.

Kunle: « yeah, but sorry to ask, are you Nigerian? » He asked.

Me: « half, half… » I responded vaguely.

Kunle: « oh really! Interesting! So which half is from Naija? » He said and laughed.

Oma: « hé, hé, hé … we are not here to talk about family life… we are here to enjoyyyyy! Babe Oya, serve us something make we drink small. » I said changing topic.

That how we left him after drinking some couple of champaign glasses. Then we moved on to the dance floor. We were enjoying the music of DJ Elio. The song I enjoyed most was KUCHI KUCHI (oh baby) of J’ODIE till I got tired.

Ihuoma was full of energy; at that time of enjoyment, nobody was mad enough to tell her to sit down. I was getting tired so I had to go back to our seats because my head started pounding.

I was drinking my martini gold with juice. As I just turned back, I saw HIM…

Him: « well, well, well, you again? » He grinned.

God, what did I do to you today to make this man be on my ways like that? I thought out loud enough.

Him: « You came to Lagos. »he said smirking.

Me: « so? » (With one eyebrow raised, you know, like those American babes always do..) I said shifting my body to one leg.

Him: » look, Tomi, let’s not… »

Me: « hé,hé,hé n°1 my name is TOMIWA, secondly, please save your words with too much story or grammar do you understand? I am not in the mood to take nonsense this night or listen to you ». I said passing by him.

Him: « pfff, I don’t know what to do again for you to forgive me… don’t tell me that you are still annoyed about what happened 06 or 08 months ago? » He pulled me by my arm.

Me: « look Yul, that story is old and forgotten, and I have forgiven you OK! So can you leave me alone? I am not in the mood! If it is not about work, I don’t know what we can discuss about, OK! » I stated.

Non il me soule celui-là! pfff

After that small distraction with Yul, I sat down for sometime. I needed to breathe.

Few moment later, I went back to the dance floor. With Kunle and Ihuoma around, I did as if everything was OK. But I knew after seeing Yul, I will be upset and angry for the rest of the time. That feeling was in my head but to tell you the truth, I was kind of happy to see him here. Yeah, I can hear you guys laugh. It was weird, I know.

Yul was not supposed to be around. When i new that i was attending the end of year party in Lagos, i asked some colleagues of mine in lagos who was attending the party too. Trust me i aslo investigated about HIM. I was told he was on leave and won’t be around. I was happy. Only for me to see him here.

I was invaded with mixed feelings.

After dancing all mix, I was so tired that I asked Ihuoma to leave the place. Kunle decided to drop us at our hotel. But Ihuoma refused, saying that the area was far.

We decided to go to a nearby hotel at V.I, that was not far from where we were, and we later discover that it was his friend’s hotel. Kunle’s one.

Guys! Check out the hotel, sea view, and swimming pool with light, and all beautiful. I could not even imagine that was Lagos. Hummmm, some pipo enjoy in that city too o, in that country sef. When I think that in other parts of the town, NEPPA (the company that supplies light in Nigeria), does not even border to provide light for one full day.

When “Mr too much money” Kunle is around, everybody enjoy the good life. So we decided to follow.

The next day around 11 a.m.

Dring, dring, dring – phone ringing.

Me: « Hello! » I answered with a low voice and looking at my watch that was beside the bed.

She: « My one and only French Yoruba babe… » she shouted.

Me: « hmmm mmmm… Oma? » I said slowly.

This babe sef, I like her coz she is my best friend here in Lagos and Jo’burg as well, but at times she was just too much, I can’t with her, she tires me.

Oma: « Madam, stand up, are you still asleep? » She asked.

Me: “ No I am playing football. Of course i was still asleep naaaaa. your father” I said cursing at her.

Oma: « Sowwwyyyy! Abeg get ready, make we enjoy well during this so-called mission we are in… the mumu man wan make we go chop somewhere around the town. » She informed me.

Me: « you see! Are you not tired? Make we relax small na! You do know that both of us are going back to our respective stations very early tomorrow morning right?! … we need to relax! » I stated. I was in pain. My legs could not stand what she planed.

Oma: « my sistaaaa forget! Enjoyment like this no be every time e go happen na. Understand me na! »

Me: « abeg! Go and siddon! Am not going… And I need to go to the market; I want to buy some food stuff and Ankara, gélè and all that…. »

Oma:  » no wahala. I beg ! I am coming to your room now ooo, start getting ready… you dey hear? Pleaaaaaase my one and only… »

Me: « OK! But please, I beg, I don’t want to see that his friend of yesterday! » I referred to Yul. I later got to know that Yul was part of the band. That is why i saw him at the club. Come to think of it, it was not surprising.

Oma: « before nko! Don’t worry… » she hanged

This friend of mine gets wahala sha, but I like her because she was loyal and always there when I needed her for anything; she is open, frank, and sincere as a girl. Even though she lives far in another country, we always tried to see each other, even if it’s for 02 days.

Ihuoma is the station manager of Jo’burg branch. And she always tells me that because of insecurity in Johannesburg, she does not go out. So when she is on a mission out of her station, she must tries to enjoy herself to the fullest. She makes sure she gets 100% in any activity, like she used to say, and that must happen before she goes back to her station…

Oma was dating a South African man for long now and was always complaining about him. She always says that he is acting holy holy man: No club, no beach, no party, even wedding or naming ceremony in church. They could go to restaurant once in a looonnng while. This babe gets wahala! This was her reason to enjoy before going back to prison.

I was not in support of that behaviour. I was always thinking that if one is not happy in a relationship, you should get out of it. It is not a do and die matter. We all need to be happy in our relationship. She was the type to complain about her age and needed to get married and have children. I was not agreeing to her motive. I was not ready for any type of relationship if happiness, love, trust and enjoyment were not part of it.

Happiness within a relationship is hard to define. Not only is each relationship different, but within each relationship, each person defines happiness in an individual way. Some people view happiness as a peaceful conflict-free life. For some, happiness involves a tremendous amount of fun, great intimacy or lots of laughter. Whatever your definition, it directly correlates to your expectations, desires, wants and needs—and those things can change over time.

CO CO CO… CO CO CO the knocks on my door got me out of my thoughts. I was about to dress up and get ready.

It’s was 01 pm

Me: « yeah! I am coming. » She entered in my room with a big bag.

Oma: « hey babe! Are you ready? They are waiting for us downstairs. Let’s go. » She sat on the chair.

Me: « babe, I am hungry oo! Have you eaten? You could not even call the room service for me. » I said

Oma: » I am not like you… you French pipo you always take bread and tea as breakfast, bird food like that. I ate » she grabbed her phone answering her call.

Me: « aaaaa mouf et puis quoi encore? » I said in french because she was making fond of French people.

Oma: « et puis quoi encore. She repeated with her English accent. we … Naija we eat oooo, concrete better food…. Yam and eggs, beans, pap and Akara, plantain, rice and stue and all that… because you no go know how the day go be o…. so better eat well » she said as she put on the TV in the room.

Me: « ahahahahah, this babe dey always makes me laugh! » I laughed

We did not have enough time to get to our hotel for taking new clothes. We had to purchase to outfits in one of the shops at the V.I hotel lobby so we could be ready when the driver comes.

I finished dressing up; I put on my white legging and one green and blue top I bought with blue sandals. I took my green bag Lancel, makeup, parfum “Kenzo amour.”

Me: « Lagos, here we come!!!!!! » I said closing the hotel room behind me.

Hmmm… my pipo na lie ooo, I can’t say it in this country.
The slogan rather is: “THIS IS LAGOS PAN PAN PAN, OPEN YOUR EYES….”

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