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Me: « Allo »

Yul: « Hello Tomiwa, welcome back! I hope you had a nice flight! »

Me: « Hi! Yeah, it was nice…. But at the same time, I am so tired… I am trying to sleep now. »

Yul: « Ok, but in case you need something, don’t hesitate, just call me at any time. »

Me: « ok, I have heard. »

Yul: « good night, beautiful lady, « He said.

Me: « Thanks, good night to you too. »


The next day early in the morning.

At times I just asked myself: why am I wasting time? Why am I not taking the right decision, which is to start a serious relationship with Yul? He can be kind when he wants, like that time on the phone when he called me. What am I saying? He has been kind since I know him; it is just me that has been very aggressive towards him.

 Well, I’ll think about it… I’ll seriously think about it… and you know what, I am tired of being alone. The last relationship I had, ended six months ago. So now I need someone that can warm my bed if you know what I am saying!!!!!!!!!!!!!







The horn of cars on the street woke me up. I stood up and went to the bathroom to ease myself. I realized that it was just 4 O’clock in the morning when I looked up to the bathroom watch.


I decided to shower right away. I couldn’t go back to sleep. I got prepared and waited in my room for the time the company bus will come and pick us up. It was very early but better for me to be prepared on time than rushing to get ready and be running after the time.

 I finally changed my decision and went to take my breakfast at the hotel restaurant while waiting for the bus.


As I got to the restaurant, I still did not see Ihuoma. It was extraordinary strange for me!!!!!!!! Where could she have been? She was supposed to be part of this training, but since yesterday that we landed, I hadn’t heard from her. I tried her SA number, it was roaming, but I still did not get her that morning. Well, let me wait till I get to the office.


We got to the office around 08h40am. I thought I got 20mns to have a small gist with her before the training start if I find her. I looked around and ask to some of other staff that may have come with her. But nobody seems to have seen her.

 Hummmm……… very strange!!!!!!! And she also did not try to get in touch with me. On my way to the conference room, I met Lanre, the admin officer and asked him if he saw Ihuoma. He told me yes, that she arrived two days ago, but she had to rush down to Abuja urgently and that she is supposed to be back to LagoS today around 12noon.


Puff! At least somebody saw her. So I was now sure that she was around.

But what was that emergency that made her go to Abuja so urgently? I got to the conference room and noticed that some staffs already took all the front seats… so I decided to stay at the back. The teacher had not arrived in the class yet, so I started thinking back about Oma.


I became worried. Ihuoma will be in Lagos and will not call me knowing fully that I am in town!  Well, I don’t recall people changing as fast as this; we can’t predict human attitude but hmmm, my Ihuoma…. Noooooooooo she is not like that… it was strange for me.


Then I started thinking about the so-called Cartel too. Who knows? Maybe that Oma’s emergency was all about their so-called Cartel.


I started drawing some plans that will help me get enough information before I go back to Dakar. What was it exactly sef? Was it a cultism group? Was it a kind of community for help? Was it an association or type of syndicate? Pfffff… too many questions to get answers for.


Still, I wanted to know if Yul was part of them even though he had already told me he is not part of them… hummmmm …… I was not convinced because, for me, how could he have had such information without being part of them? I wanted to be sure before I get involved in any relationship with him.


It was the voice of the teacher that brought me out of my thinking.


Teacher: « Hello everybody! » She said.


We: « Hello! » we answered.


Teacher: « I hope everybody had a pleasant flight and relaxed well because for the course we’re going to have this week, I’ll need your full attention, and for the second week, we’re going on the field for practice.


But before we start, I am going to introduce myself to you. I am Ms Nancy Ronkey Dawodu. IATA Training and performance Officer, from the IATA West African Branch ».


She was a wonderful lady, looking lovely in her sexy but decent dress. She had a stern look with her glasses but seemed friendly when she was talking to us.


She put the projector on and showed us the program. At that particular moment, Yul entered with Kunle (Mr too much money, you remember him, right?). They sat down, and she continued.


Nancy, showing us the program that was projected on the whiteboard:

« This is what you will do for the first week:


• Manage the full turnaround of aircraft, coordinating resources and processes.

• Apply best practices to be safe, punctual, and commercially successful in turnaround services, especially loading of baggage and cargo.

• Design and offer consistent services that meet airline needs and follow the widely accepted AHM and IGOM standards.

• Manage the off-loading/ loading procedures of aircraft.

• Analyze, understand and apply the safety and punctuality aspects of loading operations.

• Take a leading role in your ramp team.

And for the second week we will look at

Understand what are ICAO’s Standards and Recommended Practices for emergency planning at airports.

• Meet the legal responsibility to manage emergencies at the airport.

• Coordinate a response plan among the airfield and ground service departments, as well as the various outside agencies.

• Develop tabletop and full-scale emergency drills.

• Evaluate crisis management systems at aerodromes and identify required improvements.


After her presentation, we started the course properly till 12noon. Up till now, everything went well. This was really a manager course. I think I now know why Yul wanted me to be part of this workshop. Do you guy think agter all he will want me to be Dakar station Manager? Who knows?

It was exciting. As soon as we were on break, I immediately called Ihuoma. She picked her phone up at the second ringtone.


Yul and Kunle went out from the training room. Hum…. Can you see your friend? He cannot even come and say hello to me… hisss!!!! Ok, we will see.


Oma: « hey, my one and only french Yoruba girl, how you dey? »


Me: « Shut up, you no serious o babe! You no serious at all; I’ve been calling you since yesterday; you cannot even pick up my calls or call me back. »


Oma:  » what happened? I miss one episode of your story o? waitin dey happen that you start harassing me like that, what have I done, I forgot my phone in my hotel room?

Me: « Look at you! I no blame you; it is me … »


Oma: « Babe, cool down. I am on my way to the office now. We go talk, ok! Relax! »




Can you imagine?


I was the one calling o, and she hangs the phone on me. Crazy girl!


I did not go out to take have lunch, so I stayed in the classroom. Our break time lasted one hour, and we resume at 01 pm.


Ihuoma entered the class at that moment and came straight to sit down near me. I did not ask her anything, and she too did not say anything at all. Humm better…


We finished at 4 pm. That was when Oma turned to talk to me.


Me: « You have two minutes to tell me where? Why and how? Because the bus is not going to wait for us, and I don’t wanna be back to my hotel late. »


Oma: « Babe come on, waiting dey vex you like this? You should not be annoyed na…. Do you know what happen? Kunle called me from Abuja last Friday saying that he will like us to meet there. So I said yes, why not? At the same time, we are also here for fun. Abi na? … that is how I went to meet him, and we spent the weekend together in ABJ.

We came back together this morning, but I had to rush back to the hotel to change. And here I am.


Me: « You know Oma, what I wanted was just for you to answer my calls or even send me an SMS, that’s all. »


Oma: « I know my dear! Am your one and only Oyinbo girl like you usually say… sorry o!!!!!! » she shouted!


Me: « Hummmmmmmm ok! »


Oma: « Good. Now guess what, we are invited this night by the guys! We’re going to the MACC lunch event. Please say yes!


Me: « Hummmmmm Oma you are back again! Never tired hein!!!! You just came back from Abuja, and you want to be going to parties, relax small na… and when you say the guys, who are you talking about? »


Oma: « You sef… na wa for you ooo. Why are you so uptight like that?  Free yourself, babe, and enjoy the life…. » And (she said dancing to a silent music) then…. She stopped dancing, put her hands on her waist, and said


« don’t you have gist for me…. Cause I heard Kunle talking with Yul on the phone, and saying something like < Ol’ boy, you should finish with that girl oooo, finish what you started in Dakar na, u dey take too much time with that sissi o…>


“So am waiting,” she said. She was looking at me with an expression of expectation as if she wanted to say, “don’t ever lie to me.”


Me: “Ok, babe, but what do you want to hear again? I have already told you everything na.”


Oma: “You better tell me o, I know you’ve told me, but there is something I want to hear from your mouth that you have not said yet……. Tell me so like that I’ll teach you great and mighty things that you knowest not.”


Me: “please, let’s go. I don’t want to get to the hotel late at night; you know Lagos go slow.”


Oma: “Forget about the bus; our driver is waiting for us.”


I just smirked as if I knew that somebody was waiting for us……… She stood up, and we went out of the training room. We took the lift and went downstairs. We got out of the office.

Eventually, our so-called driver and his co-driver were waiting for us at the parking. We entered the car and greeted the honorable Yul and Kunle.


I told you na…. I knew it was them, the people waiting for us.


We talk small with Kunle only hein because your friend, I didn’t know what was wrong with him. He was strangely silent. After greeting us back, he did not say anything.


They dropped us at the hotel and promised to come and pick us back in two hours. We got on my floor and entered my room. I picked my clothes up and went straight to Ihuoma’s room. We were on the same floor.


When we got to her room, we immediately took our showers, one after the other, and got prepared. While we were doing all those women stuffs,


Ihuoma asked me: “What do you feel for him, babe? Tell me,” At this level, I don’t think I could have hidden something from her again.


Me: “Hummmmmmmm Oma, I don’t know ooooo. It is like I am not myself again when I am with him. I am so attracted to him; I fancy him…. He is so cute, so fine… I like everything about him…. His voice, his lips, his body, and most likely his hands……”


Oma talking to herself: “Well! Well! Well! Ihuoma, I think you have a big work to do with this girl sitting down there (she pointing at me) cause somebody is in love right now!!!!!!! I can see it!” and she started laughing…..


She said to me as she came to sit down near me: “You see, I told you that you did not tell me everything on the phone. Don’t worry, and we’re going to do something concerning this issue, ok! I nodded like a little girl that just made a mess.


We dressed up very simple that night. I put on a red topaz gown with the back open till the beginning of my bottom, gold shoes, and took a purse as accessories without forgetting my gold belt. I wanted to be sexy and attractive, at the same time simple.


Ihuoma had on a black trouser with a light peach transparent top with some gathers at the front. Her peach shoes and bag and hop we were out of the room. Hmmm, we were just so lovely.


We went downstairs to wait for the guys. It didn’t take long before Kunle called Ihuoma to say they are at the car park waiting for us.


As we got to the parking, they were outside the car waiting for us while talking and smoking. They were backing us—that why they didn’t see us as we were approaching where they were parked. We only saw their back, but mehnnnn….. Check out their their swagggggg……


It was Ihuoma that made them turn back when she shouted, Kuuuunnnnnllllleee booooboooo! This girl sef, at times I wonder for her style oooo.


Immediately they heard her voice; they turned back to look at us. Hmmm… if you see the way they were looking. They were just BABA with their mouth open…


Oma: “yeah! Yeah! Yeah! We know we are beautiful. Thanks but instead of staying like people that have never seen fine ladies, better for us, we go now before I change my mind.” We all laughed.


As I enter Kunle’s car, Yul just grabbed my hand and said….


“No beautiful woman… mine is there.” TIC TIC…. He just open his Mercedes ML 250  blue TEC 4matic. Nonnnnnnnnnn ça c’est seulement ce qu’on appelle la swaguassitude quoi. i just had to say that in french ooo. they all looked at me and laughed.


He opened my door (hummmmmm, since when Naija men are romantic? I am just asking a simple question ooooo), and I entered.


He also entered and put on the car. As he sat down on the driver’s side, his perfume was smelling everywhere in his car. He put on the radio, and it was Yes/No of Banky W going on with a loud sound. Ohhhhh, my song, I like the music too much even though Myria Azizet said it’s too much of « miss independent » from Neyo… Almost a copy and paste… hmmm, but I like the song oooo.


We waited for 02 mins like that. He did not move and did not talk. So I asked him,


Me: “What are we waiting for or what are you waiting for?”


Yul: “For my kiss,” he said as simple as it is with a sexy voice……


wèèèèèèèèèèèèè !!!!!!!!!!! oyayoooooooo ooooo! My people, the temperature of my body just arouse at that moment.


Am telling you, girls, even the most uptight lady would not have been able to resist in this kind of atmosphere, true, it was just so …… let me not say the word.


I started saying to myself, and I wish I could go far, far away from here. I wish I could sit elsewhere, like in Kunle’s car, but I couldn’t. I have to act natural with him. I should not show him the way I felt for him now.


I know, two hours ago, I was telling Ihuoma I was crazy about this man and now am acting as if I don’t want to see him. Believe me, and I don’t know what is happening to me. Is that falling in love with the right man?


Hum…. God, abeg if it is, means I will always loose all my senses whenever I am with him ooo.


No, not now!!!!! K-T, you got to be cool about this. You’ve got to keep a cool head. I know I may fail miserably but damn it!!!!!, I’ll try it.


This guy was just not acting like a standard way a man that wants a woman should act. You guys know what I mean abi… like trying to pick up the girl, telling her I like you, I want to be with you, please think about It and let me know and so and so on.


He was just putting me on the fact. His ways were way far too different… for him I was already “HIS” girlfriend….. Even if my body was saying yes, I wanted to hear my mouth say it < Yes Yul, I want to be yours… I’d like to start a relationship with you >


So back in the car………………


Yul: “For my kiss” As he said that, he just carefully slid by my side and held my chin and turn my face gently for me to look at him.


Oh noooo!!! This man was so cute!!!!!!!


Yul: “Tomiwa,” he said.     hummmmmmmmm ….; that accent was so delicious, I wanted to meltdown on my seated position.”


Me: “hum!”


Yul: “I am waiting.”


I did not answer. There was nothing to say again. I just kissed him. Our lips started the butterfly dance but 03mns later he stopped, looked at me and said:


“You look so naïve Tomi, like an angel that just descended from heaven to earth. Your lips are like a cherry rose petal waiting to be tasted, bitten, and savored again. They seem so juicy to be licked. Hum… I am going to take care of them soon… but for now, we have an event to attend at the Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel on Ozumba Mbadiwe Street in Victoria Island.”  He was saying all that while kissing my neck, my chin, my cheeks, and my nose.


Hummmmm!!!!!! This man wan kill me ooooo, the way it is now…. I don’t know ooooo…. But it will be hot this night…. Hein my people, what do you think na????…


Wouaaaawouuuu I hope you guys enjoyed this part.

Oya tell me jareeeee

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