I did not answer. There was nothing more to say. I just kissed him. Our lips started the butterfly dance but 03mns later he stopped, he looked at me and said:

“You look so naïve, Tomi, like an angel that just descended from heaven to earth. Your lips are like a cherry rose petal waiting to be tasted, bitten, and savored again.

They seem so juicy to be licked. Hum… I am going to take care of them soon… but for now, we have an event to attend at the Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel on Ozumba Mbadiwe Street in Victoria Island.” He was saying all that while kissing my neck, my chin, my cheeks, and my nose.

Humm!!!!!! This man wan kill me ooooo, the way it is now…. I don’t even know how i feel…. One thing is sure and certain, it will be hot this night…. Hein my people, what do you think na????…

We got to Radisson Blu hotel 45mns later.

I was happy deep inside me. Seriously speaking guys, you cannot imagine how excited I was. I am with a fine man, in the sweetest car going to a big event like the one of M.A.C Cosmetics, ou la la, it was just so lovely. It was not a new thing for me, but this day was just special for me. One in a kind.

Maybe the presence of Yul was making me feel like any other natural woman in love with a man. Yes, I must admit it. I was falling in love with Yul…I started looking at him differently. My anger towards him was fading away little by little, it was disappearing from my heart. I told myself, I should give him a chance, starting a relationship with him was not a bad idea after all.

Yul parked his car just at the entrance of the hotel. A gentleman then came to open my door, turned to Yul’s side, collected the car key from him, and immediately drove out to park the car properly. The place was full of Nollywood stars, well-known singers of the country, and other business and politicians’ personalities.

Every 30 seconds, Yul was greetings, someone, as if he was the one organizing the event. At times I was wondering who he was. He was no longer my common colleague from Voyager Airlines.

It was so amazing for me. I was more amazed by the fact that some of his friends were referring me as his wife.

Ehhhh … we women ehen. We dream too fast. Relationship has not properly started and we already see ourselves as married and Mrs somebody. Nawa🤔

“No! Just a friend.” I was replying to them?

Yul was not staff of the marketing or sales department. Neither was he a staff working at the airport or any other agencies of the company. Yul was the space control officer. I think I’ve explained that to you already what his position is about as work… right? He was not in public relationship either.

So how come did he know all these famous people… I was amazed to the fact that he was so famous. well, na him sabi o… Me, I was enjoying being around and meeting those stars that I’ve just seen on TV. La jet-set quoi!

Wow!!!! That was just so wooow… The hotel was decorated with MAC Cosmetics posters and banners, and it was only at that moment I noticed a dress code color; pink, yellow, orange, green, and black.

As we approached the concert hall, two female ushers welcomed us and showed us our seats. I saw two men standing up from those seats. They gave us our program cards, and we sat down.

I was looking around for Ihuoma and Kunle. I saw them sitting at the second line of the seat, and it was difficult for me to let them know we were around. I decided to send Ihuoma an SMS telling her we were around and that we just arrived.

Me: “Why are we taking those men’s seats?

Yul chuckled: “Someone reserved these seats for us. Those men are just seat-filler. That’s their job, to fill empty seats until the invitee comes. It’s also a strategy to full the audience during an event.”

Me: “Oh! Ok I think I understand what you mean. I’ve watched a movie that talks about it, but I did not expect to see such in Africa. Lol”

Yul: “rhoooo what do you mean? Don’t you know that we in Naija we are more developed than this your country where you come from” and then he started laughing.”

Me: “Abeguuuuiiiii let me hear word”

Voices: “Chuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut”

We: “Sorrryyyy”

The presentation of MAC Company was going on, so at that time, the room was quiet. 45mns after the speech, the fashion show started. A lot of models presented different styles of make-up, Jewries, bags, and all that stuff. After that, it was the cocktail.

Everybody went out to the restaurant near the pool to have some drinks and food. We saw Ihuoma and Kunle coming toward us.

Kunle: “Hi guys! We were looking for you, where have you been? What took you so long?” him looking at Yul “ I hope you didn’t do something nutty to Tomiwa Hein… man!!!!

Yul: “Who? Me? Oh no… you can ask her.”

Ihuoma: “Humm… Please, guys, excuse us… we want to quickly go and do some ladies stuffs if you know what I mean…. Uh, touch up our makeup.”

I understood what she wanted, and we went straight to the toilet.

Ihuoma: “Hmmm babe! Oya gist na! What happened there at the hotel behind us?” she asked me as she was bringing out her makeup box from her bag.

Me doing same as her: “Oh nothing. The guy didn’t want to move without me kissing him so that was just what happened, just a 03mns kiss……… thaaaaat……….. weeeee………. Have….to…….. Continue…….. When we are back to his or my hotel room” then I shouted with excitement.

She too joined me screaming and jumping, and after we stopped, she asked me: “Wait, babe! Are you ready?”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Ihuoma: “I mean, are you ready to have sex with him this night or all time? And even plus? Because the way I see him, it is like he wants a serious relationship with you…”

Me: “Well, like I told you earlier on at your room…. I think I am ready …. It is just that at times… I feel as if he should just…”

Ihuoma: “hummmmm he should what? ….. waitin you wan again?…. He is showing you every time that he likes you… You French women at times I don’t understand, you like too much demonstration…. Abeg carry dey go….. a… a fine boy like him, he has money and is single. If you waste too much time, you’ll see, one girl will just come and take him away from you…”

Me: “What is telling me that he does not already have someone in his life? Are you sure he is single? Are you sure he is not a humanizer?”

Ihuoma: “See you sef! Am I the one you should ask? It would be best to ask him directly instead of keeping your questions for yourself and assuming things.

Me, what do I have to say if it is not just to give you some scope for the bed. You don’t know our Naija men… they no dey carry last oooo, so better for you to be prepared. Let me give you some trick… ahahahahah.”

This girl hein… is she serious at all???????

After that small conversation, we turned back to the mirror, finished our makeup and went back to meet our men.

Yess ooo they are our men. Well, I don’t know about Oma because that my friend hein…. Hum…she still has her boyfriend in SA, for Kunle I’ll find out her next step about him later… but as for me, I know ooo…

We went to the same place where we left them and didn’t find them. So Ihuoma called Kunle. He said they were around and would be back in 05mns. Then we decided to go and have some drinks. As we got to the bar, I saw Tim Rysara coming towards me. (Do you guys remember him abi?)

Hummm the world is small hein… what was he doing here? I hope he is not going to ask me why I did not call him back. Ihuoma did not notice that I stopped. She was already ordering her drink. Tim saw me and first said :

Tim: It’s a small world, only mountains never meet, but people do.

He came close to me, gave a kiss on my left cheek, and said: “Hi uhh… Domi? Is it Domi?”

Me: “Hi Tim! How are you doing? Good to see you again. No, I am K-T; Domi is my sister.”

Tim: “Oh yeah, it’s true; sorry for the mistake.”

Me: “It’s ok.”

Tim: “Good to see you again too, K-T. Why didn’t you call me back? I was expecting your call, at least once… Or is it your work that is taking all your time?

Me: “As you can see, I traveled out of Dakar and completely forgot to call you back. Don’t worry, am going to give you a call when I am back home, ok!”

Yul: “And why do you want her to call you Tim?” Yul just appeared from nowhere. I did not see him coming. He asked that question while putting his hand around my waist from my back and kissing my right cheek.

Tim started laughing and after he said: “Ol’ boy, don’t tell me you know her too?”

Me: 0_0…… what do you mean by knowing me too?” Kunle and Ihuoma came to meet us at that moment.

Yul giving me a glass of Champaign and a plate of miniatures: “take my dear.”

Him talking to Tim, “Yeah, my friend, I know her and this time around, am not gonna let you go with her if you know what I mean.”

Hum, these men were not serious, right! Were they? what was he saying like that? What was this all about? I started getting mad at them and didn’t want to stay here anymore.

This looks like they are under an open and continuous competition between themselves about getting women to go out with. I “swear papa,” if I find out that what I am thinking about is true, I am not going to fall into their trap. What kind of nonsense is this?

I drank my glass of Champaign in one gulp and said:

Me to them: “Hey guys, don’t tell me you know each other?” I looked at each of them, one after the other, trying to find out what was going on.

Yul: “oh yeah, my dear, I know this man” As he said that, he went to Tim, and they checked each other (a kind of greetings for men).

Tim checked Kunle also and kissed Ihuoma. We talk for few moments and after Yul told him that we’re gonna see him later before he flies back to Dakar.

Yul: “But for now, guys, we have to go.”

Tim: “Ok take care and bye” He came to kiss me on my cheek, he kissed Ihuoma as well and we left him. We left Radisson Hotel around 11 pm.

Throughout the road, on our way back to my hotel, I was not talking at all. I was listening to the music and looking at the street. Something about what just happened with Tim and Yul was making me feel uncomfortable.

Nothing happened between Tim and I. You people can see that I didn’t even call him back after we met at his restaurant.

He is not my kind of man and looks young, but the fact that they know each other made me think about the cartel.

I didn’t know why my thought went that side…Or maybe because I knew about that organization, I was suspecting everybody around Yul and even Yul himself. hummmm

The truth was that, I was not surprised to see they know each other, at first yes but after what I saw when we just arrived to hotel Radisson Blu made me think that Yul can know anybody from anywhere. That does not matter.

What matters was what Yul stated when he said Tim will not walk away with me like he used to do.

What does that mean? I am going to find out…

We got to the hotel. Yul parked his car, and I came down without saying anything. He decided to follow me. I didn’t say anything either, but as soon as we got in front of my room, I asked him.

Me: “Yul, what are you still doing here? Thanks for dropping me back at my hotel, but I want to be left alone now. It is late, and I need to get up early for tomorrow’ssession. Thanks for this outing. I enjoyed myself.”

I turned back to open my door and entered. As I wanted to close the door, he said.

Yul very calm: “Please let me in… If you want some explanation, ask me, and I’ll tell you everything you want to know.”

I looked at him. I did not say anything and let him in.

Let me hear his reasons… what do you guys think he will say ? Or he wants to say?……hummmmmmmmmmmmm

Now everybody should like and leave a comments abeg………….

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