Me: “Please Madam, can we have the menu? » I asked one of the restaurant’s waitresses who was walking by our side.

The woman did not even turn her side back and pay attention to us. She continued to the direction she was going.

Me:” Vraiment! Clients are no longer king nowadays in some restaurants! Look at her… Dominique, please call another waitress for us also come back with some menus along with you. I am so hungry! I think I can eat 03 pizzas today.”

Domi:” Je te dit! Aucun respect quoi! Don’t worry yourself, let me go and look for it. But yaya K-T, I have never seen you eating more than 03 pieces of pizza. Are you not watching your weight anymore? Which kind of exercise have you done today to be so hungry?” hum…

Me: “Look at you, what are you talking about ? So somebody cannot have a genuine feeling to want to eat? please go and take the menu there… yèyè girl with a corrupt mind”. i gave her back.

Terry:” Hurry up! Me too, I am so hungry.”

Domi was actually making fun of me. She got up, walked to one of the empty tables of the restaurant, picked the menu, and returned to her seat.

Me:” Where is the person you went to call for us? »

Dominique: « She is on her way. »

Me: « Ok. well! Well! Well! Let’s see what I can take…”

While looking at the menu, a man came to ask us what we would like to eat. He wasn’t wearing any uniform so I believed maybe he was the owner or somebody that wanted to help or something like that….I didn’t pay much attention …but I would have recognised him if he was the owner.

I am a loyal customer of the restaurant because our airline has a partnership with the hotel. We have a meal and a room voucher for many hotels, restaurants, nights clubs in town. That was one thing I liked about my work. I like the aviation industry.

We meet people from all around the world, and we travel a lot. We have agreements with airlines around the world, so we are entitled to free tickets. When I say free ticket, it is not as free as you can think, we pay airport taxes. han han !!!!

But don’t get me wrong; it is not that smooth working in the aviation industry. You must be extremely flexible and polyvalent. As an airline employee, you may be required to work in many different locations, environments, schedules, and even different aircraft types. All depend also on the company hiring you.

Your work schedule may change on a monthly basis, and the people you work with may change on daily basis. The service types are different depending on the company, product, location, flight length, destination, and customer amenities. You must also be willing to relocate to the location to which you are assigned according to the job requirement.

Me: “I think I’ll go for one mixed grill, some potato chips, and one granita as a drink. What would you like to eat guys?”

T:” Double Norvegien and one desperados”

D:” me, I’ll go for one assiètte de brochette chich taouk and Milk shake”

Me to the man:” ok, that’s it for our orders. Thanks.

Man: “All alright, beautiful woman!”

T & Domi: “0_0”…. Woooow they said surprised by the answer of the man. I did not pay attention to it and just rolled my eyes at them. I am used to that kind of remark and compliment. It was not new to me.

T: “ hum Yaya K-T, I have a feeling that we’re gonna eat free and well han!” that is why I like to go out with you…. We don’t spend our money uselessly. There is always a gaou man ( also called mugu or mumu man) ready to spend for you.

Domi: “non, frangin! Our sister is toooooo muchhhh ! “

Me:” both of you are just crazy guys; is that how you will sell out me for marriage, because of food ?”

We burst to laugh out loud.

It was Saturday evening, my cousins, Terry, Dominique, and I were at the lounge-bar restaurant of Hotel Rysara. I tried to have such times with them so we can bond and get closer to each other. I know that their mum is a very troublesome woman, I call her “mama general” ( you think that she did not have a nickname, don’t forget, I am Miss nickname giver haha!) but I don’t want me and her kids to have a conflicted relationship between us.

Few days have passed since my last conversation with my mum concerning her sister’s relocation to Lagos. I have not called her as I promised my mum. For telling you the truth, I am not ready to call her, but I have to respect my mum.

Two weeks into my Lagos trip, I decided to call my aunt. But after thinking about it, I later changed my mind.

Yes, I have decided to attend the training program. Not because I have to but, because Mr. Moy asked me to; if not, I would not have gone.

Deep inside me, I was not comfortable going to Lagos. Thinking about it, two weeks was too much for me to be away from my station. As soon as Mr. Moy told me what was the training about, I was wondering why he allowed me to attend that training?

But I knew the main reason why Yul wanted me to be there, I know why he wants me to be part of the trainees. He wanted to be with me. Period ».

On the other side, a part of me wanted to attend that training too. It was a good opportunity for me to go far in my investigation about the so-called cartel.

Funny enough, I did not get any information from Aminata. Each time I asked her what was the cartel about, she was always saying that she does not know what I was talking about. Meanwhile, it was her that brought the name out during our last clash at the office. Remember!

If she thinks that I am a dummy, well, she is completely wrong.

I am gone find out …..

Me:” Terry, each time we come to eat here, you only order this same sandwich norvégiènne. Is that the only thing you can eat? Maybe one of your numerous girls made it for you, right? And now you cannot have something else. »

T: “Sister, forget about that chapter. From the very first day I entered Dakar, burger should have grown on my ears or my head self, am tired of eating it so I swapped from eating a burger to this sandwich norvegienne…in fact when is aunty mi’ coming? »

Me:” next month.”

Our plates were served, and we started eating until one waitress came to tell us that someone paid for our food.

Me: “you must be a new staff here miss, we have some vouchers so I don’t need me a person paying my bills…. And who is the person that paid for us, if I may ask??”

The lady showed us one table. A group of men and ladies were looking at us smiling. One man just raised his hand up immediately I tur my face to his side.

Immediately, I recognize the man that came to take our order for food…. He stood up and came back towards us.

Domi: “ hum hum hum, somebody has fallen into your trap, ya K-T.”

Me:” can you see how young he is. I am not playing under age o… please am not a cougar…”

T:” you women! You people always like to underestimate us, when I look at this man, coming towards us, the way I look at him, I can figure out something about him, if he handles you, sis! Hmm just try him… sister… you’ll see the moon o….lol.”

Domi: “ please shut up… what do you mean… have you tried him before? Visioner ni ?! Please, we want sisters in law ooo not brothers in law from you.”

T:” toufiakwa!!!!! Hisssssssssssss ! Please clean your mouth sharp please” and “you that is talking, you cannot say anything… you have seen plenty girls’ ….

Him clearing his throat: “grrr grrr, I hope you liked your food?”

Me: “yes, of course! As usual, each time we come to eat here, we are always satisfied with the chef’s delicious meals.”

Him: “Oh! Look at who we have in the house! One of our loyal customers! That’s excellent!” well! Let me introduce myself to you. My name is TIM RYSARA…”

Domi: “ as RYSARA, the name of the Hotel?”

This girl cannot close her mouth for once, MISS TALKATIVE… that’s her name oo ( I give everybody a nickname, don’t worry, even you reading my story, I will do a naming ceremony for you…..soon).

Tim: “Oui charmante femme ! This is our family’s hotel… My father is the owner and I am the Managing Director.. May I join you?”

Domi: “ yes, sure! Have a seat”, she drew a chair close to her for Tim to sit. What did I tell you!!!!

This girl hummmmmmmmmm….

Me: “How come I don’t know you?” see me asking such a question as if I am the n°01 shareholder of the hotel. “ I thought you already had some guests.” I said pointing at his table. “Euh… I mean… how come I haven’t met you before?… I work with Voyager Airline and we have an agreement with your hotel, but I have never met you here.

Tim: “I understand your questions…. You see young lady, I travel a lot… you know we have family businesses all over subsaharian region and Europe, so I am not always around…. I am sure you meet Mr. DIOP, my sales Director, you usually deal with him right ?”We talk for a couple of hours. He got to be a lovely man. I could have seen the way Domi was very attracted to him. She was laughing for a yes or a no…. even if what he was saying was not funny…

We were ready to go, Tim called his driver to drop us back home. He gave me his complimentary card. I told him I did not have mine with me. He asked me to call him anytime.

We got to the house 20mns later, with some plats à en porter (take away food and pizza offered by Tim). I went straight to take a shower and slept off.

Exactly three weeks later, it was the day of my departure to Lagos for my training.

I was up very early as usual because of work. I had to sacrifice going to church on that Sunday. Please God forgive me for my wrongdoing. I tried to go on Wednesdays and during weeks of emphasis.

Our mum is a born-again Christian, so she showed all her children the road to church. It was only my father who stacked on his catholic doctrin.

I got up, got prepared, and at 08 am, our bus horn sounded for me to come out. We got to the airport 15mns later and I went to AHS our handlers, to pick some documents up.

Today, we had some pilgrims passengers going back to Accra and Lagos, so I had to make sure the checking point was open 30mns before our regular schedule.

Those pilgrims were around 200 passengers. That was only them without our regular passengers, which were around 100 passengers.

Thank God for that day, everything went well even though despite the fact that our flight was delayed by about 30mns. Which was not that bad at all for an African airlines company.

We got to Lagos around 5 pm GMT (6 pm local time). I was with Accra, Bamako, and Abidjan Country and Station Managers.

The company bus was already waiting for us. We all collected our bags for some that had. Me I was just with my hand luggage, so I got quickly into the bus.

Once at the hotel, we picked up our keys, and everyone went to their room. I was tired and just wanted to sleep, but before then, I called my oyinbo gal.

Dring! Dring! Dring!

Her phone was ringing. She did not pick; maybe, she too was as tired as me, so I decided to call back later.

I called T & Domi to say HI and let them know that I have arrived in Lagos safely. As soon as I dropped my phone on the bed, it just rang back… I knew who was calling me…

Me: “Allo”

Yul: “Hello, Tomiwa, welcome back! I hope you had a nice flight!”

Me: “Hi! Yeah, it was nice…. But at the same time, I am so tired…am trying to sleep now.”

Yul: “Ok but in case you need something, don’t hesitate, just call me at any time.”

Me: “ok, I have heard.”

Yul: “ good night, beautiful lady. “


Hmm this man. I have a strange mixed feelings when it comes to his matter. I need to sleep now to be in good shape tomorrow.

bye for now my fanmily.

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