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Me:” Allo! As-salaamu Alaikum ”

Sylla:” Malekum salam.”

Me:” Hi, Sylla! How are you today?”

Sylla:” Mangui fi reek! (Fine in Wolof), And you?”

Me:” OK, thanks! I want an urgent order, please. I will like you to help me with it, please. My colleague is not around (see how I need to cover the stupid girl). I want 150 meals economic + 10 vegetarians, 12 meals for BC (Business Class) + 04 vegetarians, and 12 for the crew.”

Sylla” Eh! Eh! Eh! K-T that is much for a Sunday morning like this. Which plane are you expecting today, and why so late to order? Anyway, I’ll give you Pack 3 and 4 standards, the special one you usually order will not be enough, ok!”

Me:” OK, Sylla! It is Boing 767- Peregrine Falcon coming today….. Please do your best as usual and hurry up!”

Sylla:” ok! Bye!”

This is 10H30am, Damn! We were late for one hour and 30mns with our order.

This so-called Aminata f***ing girl did not place order to the catering service agency, send the PNL (list of passengers) to our handlers AHS, informed the “SERVICE PRESTIGE” for our business class passengers and the “SALON D’HONNEUR” for the diplomatic passenger we had. What was she doing all that time? Just talking with “Mr, I sabi everything”.

All of our handlers and contractors just called the office one after the other, at the same frame of time, asking me why the documents and information were not available. And funny enough, today our flight was on time, so no time to game.

I asked that stupid girl why orders were not made and information sent, and she had the mind to tell me she forgot to do it.

Can you imagine!

I knew her plan, but that wouldn’t work for me. God forbid bad things. If she was looking for trouble, then I was prepared for to give it back to her Bpass Bposs.

I was nettled and under pressure at the same time. Mr. Moy was shouting at me, saying that I should have supervised all that long enough before this time. But was it the first time? That was how we used to do it na. The operation agent should order and send documents. I did not answer him because I just knew the game that girl wanted to act.

I was so upset… the day was starting “well” for me. I was trying to cool my temper down. That was not easy with all Nigerian businesswomen, who don’t like to pay for their excess luggage. They come here to make money, so they should also understand that we are just trying to make money.

Today, I was not ready for any bullshit.

After all the necessary was done for the flight and the emails sent, I went downstairs to the checking point area. As soon as I just got to our counter, see pipo ! Didn’t I tell you?

As usual, I went straight to the business class checking counter. I attended the 02 PAX that were there at that moment and then went to counter 02, where Nafi (another of our operation staff) was trying to wave out some excess KG for one passenger.

I saw Aminata at the 3rd checking counter quarreling with 02 women, and I went to meet them.

Me:” Aminata, what’s going on here?”

Aminata, not looking at me talking to the lady:” Madam, I asked you to pay 200K CFA. We don’t accept naira here, so go change the money and come with CFA.”

Woman 1:” my sister, please, I understand, but I don’t have time again to change this money. I want you to help me with 10KG; that is the amount I have to change the naira will take time.”

Woman 2:” Please, madam, we want you to check us in together so like that it will help us… Why are you people hard today like that? We are your customers na… a a what is happening with you today? Na wa oooo, ééé, how we go do am now ooo”

What was I telling you? Nigerian women know how to act movies especially when it involves money, business, and all that…

Me:” Aminata! What’s going on?” it was the second time I asked her that question, and she did not dare to look at me or give me a damn answer. So I just asked her to leave us and go straight to the boarding point.

She got angry but still went murmuring something I was not hearing. I did not care and was waiting for the flight to depart to deal with her.

I quickly attended to the two businesswomen because other PAX were waiting, and thank God, everything went well.

At 11h45am, we closed our checking counter, and I went back to my office. As I entered in the room, I saw Yul. So, that where he was all that time, but I didn’t remember leaving him back in the office.

Anyway ……. I did as if I did not see him. I sat down, opened my mail, printed out some documents, and so and so until the AHS operation informed me that our plane had landed.

That was when this man now wanted to talk to me. can you see how the devil wants to work today? First that stupid girl, now this one in front of me…… hummmm….. If he dares try me today, I swear papa…. i will show him pepper

Yul:” Tomiwa, I know you are not happy right now, I can see it on your face” Look at this man; he thinks that, right now, I have time for him…

Yul: “Don’t even bother yourself with that small girl; I am not interested in her…. Forget….. I just wanted to let you know that you are coming to Lagos in 03 weeks’ time from now for training.” he mentioned Lagos + training and me. My mind just spined so did I, turned 180 degree to now face him.

Me snorting:” Are you fricking serious, Yul? And what is all that game you’re doing with Aminata? See, if you are a player, nothing gone happen between us, do you understand? In fact, nothing will happen, I am not there to waste time with a man like you.” i spat in front of his face.

And secondly, do you want to tell me that you didn’t know about this so called training I am invited to way before today? Are you just getting the info now? Well… let me tell you something… I’m not going to be at that your so-called training in Lagos, and you can tell that to CM, that is not my business.”

I went out of my office, slamming the door and leaving him there. I didn’t understand what was happening to me. That man could make me lose my temper. I was truly hurt. For me, nothing had yet started, and I was already getting tired of him and at the same time liking him the more. I could not call it love; it was too early. It was too early for me.

I ran away from Yul since that first day we met. Oh yeah, a woman can quickly know when a man likes her or not, even if he does not want to show it. And let me tell you something, guys, I knew about his intention from that time.

The way he was talking, looking at me, all that was just done in particular ways as if we were in a rendezvous and not an interview. It was just that without been that. The interview didn’t last for long. I think it was just 15mns or so. But under that period, I had the time to analyse his gesture.

Presently, I had mixed feelings down inside me. I am an emotional girl when it comes to matters of love and relationship. However, at the same time, I don’t like to stay long in a relationship. I wouldn’t like when somebody comes to take control or change my routine of life, yeah its looks as if I am versatile, but that’s me.

As I said, I left him behind and went to the ramp for my plane that was already on ground.

Everything went well, and we all went back to the office. At 3h30pm, we were about to leave the office; that was when I call Aminata back to have a small talk with her.

Me:” Listen Aminata, I am not going to talk for long. You and I don’t have any problem and have never had problems since we started working together in this company, so I want it to continue to be. I do not want what happened today to repeat itself. What happens in your private life should not affect your job, ok! Have I been clear?”

Aminata:”Et puis quoi encore? What can you do to me? You want to act as an SM (Station Manager) but let me tell you something you will not be appointed ok! What do you think and who do you think you are? You may be my supervisor for now but not for long! We shall see. You think the cartel would want you”….

Oops! She said holding her mouth as if she said something she was not supposed to say.

Me:” he! He! He! Don’t threaten me, ok! I am warning you for the first and last time. If you behave again like today with me hmmm…. We shall see like you said, hisssss!!!!”

If I slap her now, what will she do?

I left her there and went straight to the bus. I did not talk until they dropped me in front of my house because I thought of what she said.

” You think the cartel would want you.”
” You think the cartel would want you.”
” You think the cartel would want you.”

Hum. What was all that again???

My cousins were not home, and I believed they were still at school or somewhere. On Sundays afternoon, they used to go study with their classmate to the library and school. You know students ways right? I called Terry to find out.

Me:” Bonjour, T.”

Terry:” Bonjour Yaya K-T, oh, are you at home already?

Me:” Yes, that is why I am calling you. I wanted to know where you guys are? And also I want Domi to buy some stuff for me. Please tell her to call me back, ok!”

Terry:” Ok! No problem.”

I went to my room and had a long shower. I wanted to remove all the stress I accumulated since last night. Domi called me later, and I asked her to buy plantain, atiéké, and yam for the house. Then I slept off like a baby.

Marimba! Marimba! Marimba! it was my iPhone ringtone………………. Lol …….. Those that have an iPhone will know that ringtone.

Me:” hmmm…..”

She: “yéyé girl! It’s been two weeks now. You don’t even bother to call me, han!”

Me:” ééé my oyinbo gal! How are you?”

Ihuoma: See you. You no be serious person oo. You cannot even call me to say you arrived well and all that. How was the training? I checked my mail today. I just received an email saying we are starting another training tomorrow Monday morning, and your station had already finished it. Why didn’t you call me… humm Tomiwaaa!”

Me:” no, it is not what you think ooo. Remember that day Yul was also coming to Dakar na, ché we met him at the airport. It was that same day I knew about the training. Aha my dear, believe me na. So how far? How wrongs over there in SA, how is my in-law”

Ihuoma:” hisss! Which one?

Me:” which one again in SA? Abi u don get another jackpot there? Ahahahah! My friend, you should hold yourself ooo! Life no be so o!

Ihuoma:” you dey craze! Abeg let me hear a better word from your mouth. So what’s happening with Yul!?”

Me:” This girl self, you are very crazy o.”

That was how I started telling her about what happened from the day I got back to Dakar till today, mentioning the nightclub outing and the hotel stuff. But I don’t know why I did not tell her about what Yul said concerning the company and all the “charabia” concerning the position and That CARTEL story and so on because remember I told you she is the SM of SA station.

If what Yul told me about is true, that means she is a member of the cartel. I wanted to have more information concerning that CARTEL matter and be sure of what was going on. I had a little idea of how to get that information. Yul will be the number one way, and Aminata also.

I just had to handle her well. She is the kind of girl that can talk anyhow. She does not keep a secret, so I think I can start my investigation with her since she is with me here. Right?

After talking with Ihuoma, who promised to come and fight Aminata for me, I went to the kitchen. Terry and Domi were back at the house. Domi bought everything I asked her to and I refunded her money. We started cooking for diner.

That was the moment I liked most; spending cooking time with them. Cooking time with my Domi and T. T was so funny because T was disturbing us while taking all the meat to taste and see if we are doing the cooking as the chef we claimed to be according to him and Domi because she wanted to learn my unique way of cooking as she used to say.

We were getting closed to each other. I even started regretting why I did not want to accept them in my house at first. I thought they had the same behavior as their mother, but I got to know them better with time.

After cooking, T dressed the dining table, and we ate. When we finished, I left around 08h30pm going to bed. You know how I sleep early and wake up early even when I know I am not working the next day. In fact, tomorrow I am off.

30mns after I got in my bed, Marimba ! Marimba ! Marimba !..

Me:” Allo!” I answered without looking at the number that was calling me.

…:” Hello!” hum… I knew who it was… but I did as if I knew not.

Me:” yeah! Who am I speaking with, please?”

Him:” me, Yul! Don’t tell me you didn’t know! …

Me: … (rolling my eyes as if he was seeing me)

Him: Anyway! How are you? Hope I am not disturbing you?”

Me:” hum… not at all, I was just about to sleep, but it’s ok, you can talk. What do you want?”

Yul:” Always aggressive! You cannot even ask how was my trip back to Lagos;

Me: … (rolling my eyes again)

Him: Well, I know all this will soon change, trust me. ”

I was annoyed:” What do you mean, Yul? Please go straight to the point.”

Yul:” I just wanted to inform you that the training will last 02 weeks from next month, and it going to be in Abuja.”

Me:” Is that all?”

Yul:” … and that I wanted to hear your voice before sleeping tonight. Also, don’t forget we need to close the chapter you opened yesterday… but don’t worry, I know when and where that will happen…So bye for now, take care.”


I dropped the call. … This guy, what can I do to him…… Which chapter was he talking about? did I opened something? where? at the nightclub or at the hotel?

pfff, I think I need to sleep first before my head scatters….

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