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Yul and I got to the hotel around 15 mins later after leaving the nightclub; we entered the room. He put on the A/C and the T.V. I sat on the chair, and he went to take his shower.

Can you imagine! He could not even offer me a drink or ask me if I wanted something to drink or eat. Don’t mind me o. I don’t think I could have taken more drinks at this point. Immediately he entered the bathroom; I laid down on the bed.

Before I knew it, I slept off deeply.

I woke up that Sunday morning at about 06.00 am with one excruciating headache. I looked around and at first, I did not recognize the room in which I found myself.

Simultaneously, I felt strong arms around me that gave me gentle warmth that soothed me while we were still under the air conditioner.

It was just then I remembered where I was. Lagoon Hotel, room n°A32LII of Mr. EKEH Yul Peter.

Ohh shit!!!! What the FK was I still doing here? What the FK went down yesterday? My head was paining me more and more again. I needed some paracetamol…

Immediately I stood up. I turned back and found out that Yul was already awake.

Me:” why didn’t you wake me up?” I asked him while I was touching myself to see if I was not naked.

Yul smirked. This guy was so cute…. Oh my God! Huh, what am I thinking about! K-T, you need to get out of this room if you don’t want trouble. I was thinking.

Yul:” Calm down, my dear! I did not do anything that will embarrass me not to talk of you.”

Me: 0_0………….

Yul also stood up and came right in front of me.

Yul:” Tomiwa” this was the first time he did not cut my name nor call me babe Machin chose la. It means that the things he wants to tell me were very important. Here me out, ok! I’ll not stay long; the time does not permit me anymore.

He kept quiet for a few seconds and then said: “I like you, and I want you in my life. I want you to be mine and me yours.”

“I fell in love with you from the very first day I saw you, and I’ve never stopped thinking about you. Remember… my trip to Dakar started immediately after the day you came for your interview to Lagos, right?”

I said “yes.” wait a minute! what did he just say? he is actually in love with me since that very day we met in Lagos? Well, let him finish his story. we will talk about that love part later.

Yul:” I’ve planned since then to be part of any Dakar mission, whether my work was directly related to it or not.

Me:” Why?” Hum K-T, what kind of question is that? Laughing at myself, true, the thing is that I didn’t even know what to say.

Yul: ”Because you are… he was saying that while getting closer and much closer to me…. Because you are… He sat down and put me on his thighs… hum… Because you are the one who makes my heart beating!… He laughed and touched my nose!!!!

Was this man serious? Or he just wanted to play with my senses. As if he doesn’t know that I have to be at the airport by 9 am.

Yul on a more serious note:” Let me tell you something. The main reason why I blocked your application is that the position is a sensitive one and I don’t think you are prepared enough to handle it.

Me: “What are you talking about? Here we come again. Just come straight to the point, and let me get out of this place. I have a flight to handle in less than 02 f**king hours from now”

I was getting angry. What kind of nonsense is this?

Yul:” Listen Tomiwa, This Company is a very well-listed firm within the aviation industry in Nigeria. We are dealing with top people all around the world we are in partnership with big firms and agreement with a lot of Airlines worldwide.

“You know very well how difficult it is for an African Airline to have such partnerships and agreements, even though IATA regulates it and gives the authorization immediately the license is signed.”

“You also know that everything written on the documents is not always applied on the field.“

“Have you ever asked yourself where we got all the brand new tear rubber planes and equipment from?

Me: “huh… because surely you may have requested a loan from some banks…I guess ” I answered him.

Yul: ” Have you ever asked yourself how come we got to open 15 stations one after the other under 06 months? Have you ever asked yourself why Government agencies gave us the status of a Government airline when we know we are a private airline company?”

Me: “Look, Yul, that is not my f**king business.”

He did not hear me and continued.

Yul: “All because we are a member of the biggest Aviation Cartel you can ever think of. We have a charter containing closes that are unknown to employees except those who occupy a post at the P or G grade.”

“As soon as you sign your contract for the position, they make you sign the documents referring to the cartel charter.”

“You join the group whether you like it or not. You don’t have to give your opinion. They believe that by signing the documents, you have read them when we know that people don’t have time to read them because they sign on the spot.”

Me: “Wow!” That the only thing that could have come out of my mouth I that particular moment.

I was as nervous as f**k right now… I was wondering why he was telling me all these things. I wanted to figure out the relation between me wanting the offer and the fact that he did not want me to get that job.

To know all this, for him to have that position in the company, I concluded immediately that he was also a member of the so-called C.A.R.T.E.L.

I suddenly stood up from his legs. I wanted to go to the bathroom, but he grabbed my arm and drew me back to him. He held me with his hands and kissed me on my forehead then sat me on the bed.

Yul:” I know you have one million questions, but take this first…. He went to take a glass, put water in it, and gave me some tablets.

Drink this… your head is paining you. he said giving me the pack of tablets.

I shook my head to say yes. I took the glass and looked at him as if I was scared that he was giving me something unfamiliar.

Yul showing me the box of paracetamol: “It is drugs, nothing else, trust me Tomiwa. Yul leaned over close to me, his breath tickling my neck, and said:

“ I don’t want to hurt you, nor do you wrong. I’ll protect you, and I’ll provide anything affordable for me in your life; I’ll care and love you like any other man as never done for you.” “I’ll be there for you at all times.”

Me: “You been in Lagos? How would that be?” I asked him.

Yul:” Anything is possible if only you believe.”

Yul’s lips suddenly crushed into mines as he held my waist. He gave me no time to answer or think about that. He possessed my mouth.

Automatically I wrapped my hands around his neck. He wrapped my legs around his waist, lifting me and banging me against the door.

Then he put his hand up my dress, grabbing with the other hand my right breast. He left my breast, went down, tugging at my panties.

I knew I was wet as f**k. He rubbed my clit.

Me: “ hmmm mmmm……..Yul,” I moaned.

Yul: “Babe”

Me: “Stop; I am getting very late and running out of time now.”

He let me down, nodding his head.

What? I can see your big eyes opening now, you readers. What do you think! No way I’m not going to do it. I have a flight to handle soon.

Yul dropped me in front of my house at quarter past 08 am. The bus from the company that came to pick me up had already left. The driver called me while we were on our way to Sacré Coeur 3 and I told them to go and that I’ll meet them at the office.

I picked my shoes up: “Bye Yul!” I said, kissing his cheek. That all I could have done. He deserved it, at least was I thinking. I don’t know why I was feeling like that.

“Bye.” He lifted my chin, kissing my leaps softly. Then he winked. I can’t say I didn’t feel any sparks.

Yul:” Babe, consider what I told you at the hotel. Forget about this position; it is for your good.” he said

Me: Are you with them?” I was curious to find out about his position among the so-called CARTEL.

Yul:” No”

Me:” so how come?….” I was surprised by his answer.

Yul:” one day, you will understand.”

I went down from the car and entered my house.

Terry and Dominique were still asleep. So I went straight to my room, took my shower, dressed up, makeup, put on my Diesel Feminine, and then jumped into the first Taxi I stopped.

I bothered not to price the journey to the airport.

As soon as I got to the airport, I paid the Taximan and went straight to the office. Mr. Moyosore was not in the office, but I met them: Yul and Aminata playing and cracking jokes.

What the hell were they doing together? He did as if nothing just happened few hours before between him and me.

I was burning inside me. I think my temperature rose to 40’. I gently sat down and put my computer on and opened Amadeus’s screen to see if Accra had sent me the PNL and my Outlook mail for the Close-Out.

It was a few minutes later that “Mr. I sabi everything” what? Leave me alone. Yeah, I resumed calling him that nickname because I was not happy. Yul And Aminata turned back to face me then greeted me.

Aminata fairly speaks English so anytime she speaks with an English person, she mixes a lot with French. The thing is that our CM always imposes us to speak English even among us. But the Senegalese staffs we have are so against the rule saying we are not in an English-speaking country.

Me, I know the reason. It is because they like to use Wolof (local Senegalese language) everywhere they are. I like that rule. I don’t speak Wolof so I am comfortable speaking English all day.

Aminata: “Bonjour K-T. How do you do today? We came to carry you, but you were not at your house.” Looking at Yul, she said to him; I think she was not with you …”

Yul did not say Anything but smirked, looking at me. He stood up and told us he is going to meet Mr. Moyosore.

Me:” And what was that just now?” I asked Aminata.

Aminata:” What? Listen! I wanted you to help me with Yul, but I see that you want him too. OK! So, Now, I know that you and I are rivals. You are not a good girl.” she said pointing her finger at me.

“I thought we were friends. But no, you betrayed me, and I will not let you have him because I also want him. And if you want to try me, you will find me on your way. You think I don’t know you were with him, I called you and you did not answer…”

She stood up, took her file, badge, and security jersey, and went out banging the door.

Bulshit!!!! Big one sh*t!!!!

Oh! Oh! I was surprised she spoke to me in that manner.

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