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After all the training, as usual, when Yul is around, we decided to go to a nightclub with the airport staff.  Aminata immediately suggested we go to GOLDEN night club at “point E.”

 Everybody agreed. We decided to directly meet at the club, and Yul was supposed to come from his hotel with his driver.

 Around midnight I was expecting Yul’s call because when we left the office, he sent me an SMS saying ” babe get ready at midnight, am coming to pick you up if you don’t mind.”

 Of course, i was not minding my business to stay at home and peacefully enjoy my weekend. No, i was excited to go out with him but still did not want to show it and accepting that i was falling in love with him. We women, at time we just don’t know what we want, right ☺️

Around 12.30 am, he finally called me saying he could no longer come pick me up because he had to be somewhere. A last minute and urgent meeting came up and told me , we will meet at the nightclub TOP 10 either.

 Do you guys believe him? Me, I don’t because where can he urgently go to here in Dakar? Does he know people here? No…. only staff so? And why the sudden change of venue? It was Golden and now it’s TOP 10 club where we’re going ? too many questions just because of one man…

 Well, that’s not my problem.. I got to the club around 2.30 am. I knew it took me time to get ready. When I arrived, a lot of people were all over the place. Some gave me deadly glares and some smiles. The club was already packed. But it is not like I noticed or recognize anybody.

 I entered and started looking around. I did not have to search for long because I just saw them stick to each other dancing: Yul and Aminata.

 I knew that one day he would fall into her trap.

 Men … !!!!! All the same, and they can never be trusted. He saw me, and immediately, he turned away from her as if he blamed himself for doing something bad.

 Yul embarrassed:  “Hey babe, what’s up! What took you so long?

Tomiwa annoyed: “Nothing. Please can you show me the table?”

 Yul: “Sure!”

We went straight to the table. It was the last table on your right when we entered in the club. A place where people could not see us. The place was full. I started drinking my Smirnoff Pomegranate…

 After some time we all went dancing.  Around 4.30 am, The Dj was not that good, but he put on one track that made me go out of control. The Smirnoff was now getting me befuddled.

 I started my show. With the few Smirnoff bottles I drank, I was drunk and started a very sexy dance (it was not like those striptease girls, please please don’t carry my name in your mouth o).  There was a stage in one corner just for those who wanted to dance and have fun.

 How high was I? Guys, I cannot tell you, but I just found myself on the stage. As soon as I got there, I saw boys licked their lips and girls’ giving me glares; seriously, I was in the mood to dance. 

 But there was someone I noticed in particular, who licked his lips also. It was YUL.

 He was suddenly looking more than sexy in my eyes. His swag was on point, and his slit eyebrow, which I think he just did, turned me on so did the gold diamond in his ear. He was staring at me just so too intensively. 

 When I was getting off the stage, Yul came and grabbed my arm.  “I want a dance, sweet lady” He leaned closer, so he was inches away as he whispered in my ears with a sexy voice. He held out his hand, and I took it.

 He pulled me close to him. His perfume was getting into my head like a drug, and we started dancing together.  It was just sexy. I was “twerking,” we were grinding, you name it as you like, we were only moving to the beat.

Butterflies 🦋🦋 were all over my stomac.

The dance was so intensive, and I knew it because I could feel his hard member touching my ass. I smirked. Then he asked me to follow him.

 I was praying within me to be strong enough not to fall into this temptation. My body wanted to be in his hotel room right now, but my mind was saying no.

 What a dilemma!

You guys know that it is always hard to make a smart choice with objectivity in this kind of situation.  When we got in front of his car, I just noticed Aminata standing and waitingfor who? Only Gid knows.

 Aminata annoyed: “Yul! How can you guys just want to leave like that without telling us.”

Aminata wanted to go crazy… pfff I did not care a damn. That was her problem. She was furious.

pfff… that girl pisses me off.

 We don’t have any particular problem with each other, but I noticed that she always acts strange anytime Yul is around as if she wants to prove to me that she does no longer need my help anymore to get an arrangement date with him.

 But truthfully speaking, I was not interested in making any arrangement for her. You and I know why.

 Yul answered as she was getting closer to us: “Sorry dear, but you guys were so concentrated on dancing that we didn’t bother to let you know. Don’t worry, before I leave this evening, I’ll give you a call.” And he kissed her on her cheek.

 Oh le salaud ! Oh my gosh!

She was happy for the kiss like a small girl who just received a sweet. Cheap girl!

 Yul opened his car with his automatic key. I entered and, I was telling Aminata “à demain” with a barely audible voice. She didn’t even dare to answer me, and that was the least of my business.

 He put on the radio and played good tracks, and KPOM LOVE GI was the first song that started playing.


 I was wondering where his driver was,

 Tomiwa: “Where is your driver, Yul?”

 Yul: “I released him because I knew I’d get another person who will show me my way out.”

  Me: “Hum.”

Yul: “Are you not asking me who the person is?”

 Me: “No need. I think I have my little idea about the person”. Definitely, oh yeah, I knew who the person was, and it was me. This guy will never ceased to amaze me.

 Yul was driving as if he knew the town. I was a bit surprised with such confidence. Usually, each time he comes here, he does not stay more than three days. This time around, he stayed longer than the usual time because of the training course. I don’t know what he does each time he is in Dakar except during lunchtime and except on the last day when it takes us to club or to eat.

 I noticed that we passed the road to my house, and we were gradually heading towards his hotel in Plateau. I knew he was at Hotel Lagon because I heard him say that while talking on the phone one day at the restaurant.

 Tomiwa: “Yul, where are you taking me to?”

 Yul: “To my hotel, to talk. You promised in Lagos that you would allow me just one rendezvous to talk. » Is he for real? So what was he doing with during our lunch bresk then? This guy is seriously mad, I swear.

Tomiwa: “And who told you I wanted to follow you down there? Don’t you know I have a flight today? I have already miss church because of this outing. I need rest to be in good shape during the flight’s operation.”

 Yul: “Don’t worry, we’re gonna talk only” He did not say much after that.

 Even if I was a bit drunk, I knew what I was doing.

 My heart started beating fast. Not because I was afraid of him or anything, even though he was a colleague to me. But because me and him in a room!!! Hummmmmmmmmmm…

 I broke up from my last relationship six months ago. Since then, I had not sex. The reason also is because I traveled I lot. I don’t have time to socialize and i am not a fan of dating site so no time to look for a boyfriend.

 We got to the hotel 15 mins later after leaving the club. We entered in his room. He put the A/C and the TV on. I sat on the chair, and he went to take his shower.

 Can you imagine! He could not even offer me a drink or ask me if I wanted anything. Immediately he entered into the bathroom, I just laid down on the bed.

 Before I knew it, I slept off deeply.


 yayyyyy I am imagine your thoughts now 🤣🤣🌷🌷 that is it for the day.

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