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Let me know what you think about Yul attitude towards Tomiwa. Do you think he is being truthful giving her his reasons why he denied her that promotion?

Tomiwa is falling for him day by day … awww isn’t she cute ? Let me know what you think.

****** Here you go ******

Mr.Moy, our Country Manager, you know how I like to give names to people right?. Yeah our Country Manager’s nick name was Mr Moy. His name was so long to pronounce. So i decided to cut it short.

As soon as he got to the office, he called for a quick meeting.

Mr Moy: « we will have a brief meeting with Mr. Yul Peter Ekeh. I did not tell you this before, but he is here for a training that was a last minute plan approved last Friday afternoon by the board management.

Now I know why I am not aware of it. I left that Friday morning, and I did not even check my mails when I got to Lagos. The Groove was so intense over there. I forgot about work.

My colleague Aminata was excited about the fact that Yul was in town. She was happy to see Him. From the very first time he visited Dakar station, she had always told me she likes him and kept talking about him. She even told me at some point, to arrange a rendezvous between him and her. But nahhh I can’t do that.

Yul: « Good morning everybody, the reason for my visit, like Mr. Moyosore just said, is to train you guys.. »

Aminata: » Good morning, Sir! » She was dragging on the letters and turning her hair.

Yul: « But for now, I’ll like us to talk about some issues concerning your station’s Airport ground services. » He Continued ignoring her.

The meeting started at 09.15 am. The first part ended around 01.30 pm. I ate meetings.

I was more than fatigué. Thank God for the coffee that I took. I am not a coffee person but i had to take it more than usual.

During break time, I decided to go for lunch. Without flight on Mondays, that gave me room to have a proper break and got to eat. So, since no flight scheduled, I decided to go to the restaurant.

Yul: « hey Tomiwa! Are you going for lunch? » He asked.  » Please, I want you to take me to that your Naija restaurant… » Mr Moy was looking at us because we were just standing in from of his office.

I knew he just asked that question in front of Mr Moy , so I won’t refuse but I know something is up to. the main reason was to be with me. Abi I lie? * that’s a pidgin English* 🤷🏽‍♀️

I was about to suggest Aminata to him. The way he looked at me said it all. « don’t even dare trying suggesting that girl to take me to that place. » He murmured.

I gave up, and we went to Emeka restaurant in Medina. We entered in his car (he had a driver). That’s one thing about this company that was always making me upset.

Each time somebody was on a mission outside Lagos, they always had to rent a car and a driver.

For what? They were looking for all avenue to spend money anyhow when we know that we have a bus and driver available here. Nonsense!

At Emeka’s restaurant.

Waitress: “Good day Sir! Good day ma! “

We: “good day:”

Waitress: « wattin you wan chop! »

Yul: « wattin you get? »

Waitress: « we get jollof rice, okra soup and okazi soup with cow leg, and fish and farine. »

Yul: « hum… I go take Okazi soup with cow leg and Coke. »

I can’t say that I know Yul very well. But hearing him speaking pidgin English was surprising me. it was the first time I heard him speak pidgin English, which sounds strange in my ears.

Tomiwa: « please give jollof rice and fish and Fanta. »

The waitress left us and brought our food back 15mns later.

Tomiwa: « why didn’t you tell me we would have a meeting here in Dakar last Friday when we saw each other? »

Yul: « aha. Your English has improved. It definitely sounds better than my French, still making some mistakes though but you try. » He said making fun of me.

Look at this man, I am telling him about something serious, and he is laughing at me… Seriously?

Yul: » Sorry, I just wanted to lighten your mood. Relax, my dear! First, I didn’t even know I’ll be around for the end-of-year party at HQ. »

Tomiwa: « hum… »

Yul: » I am telling you the truth. That day I just arrived from Monrovia. I went there for the same training am gonne give you guys here, and I didn’t even know you were not aware… »

Tomiwa: « whatever! » He is so cute when he tries to explain himself for something he did not do. Awww

Yul: « forget about work for now… look, Tomi… »

Tomiwa: » What! » I shouted. The guys at the other tables turned looking at me.

Yul: » ok TO.MI.WA… see babe, why are you behaving like that? Why don’t you want to forgive me? » He asked.

Tomiwa: « after what you did to me! You knew how mad I wanted that position.
It is not the first time you have come to Dakar. I have been working like a mad person, no holiday, no permission, leave and all that…. You know the work and how stressfulit is… So why? »

Yul: « lets me tell you something… »

Tomiwa: » I had enough of all your nonsense explanations, you understand! For you, nothing was well done. All reports close out etc.… still had to be reviewed after each flight. Who does that? Micro-managing… I don’t… »

Yul: » see Tomiwa, I want you to be perfect at what you do. The board takes Dakar station as a very sensitive station. It’s not easy to deal with government office and aviation agencies here. Rules and procedures are very complicated in French countries. We need somebody like you, but you need to improve and be perfect at your work. That’s why I just had to put in my feedback that you are too young for the position. » He really narrated.

He was talked and going on and on. It became so long, I lost focus and concentrated on his lips. What’s?

I know you guys will shout at me. But mhennnn, Yul is a fine man, a little taller than me, sexy with beautiful eyes…. When I see him, my heart always dances AZONTO.

I hide my feelings because I don’t want people to say that I am dating him with him because of the position.

We left the restaurant around quarter to 3 pm.

The training continued that same day till 6 pm. I got home more than tired. I was sold out. I greeted Terry and Domi and went straight to my bed.

The next day we had a flight so no training for airport office staffs but only town office staffs. We have three flights per week, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. So the other training days were Wednesday and Friday.

That Friday, everything went well till the end of the training.

Mr. « Moy: thank you very much, Mr. Ekeh for your effort, availability and for this training. We appreciate it, and I want to assure you that we will do our best to improve our services. I am thrilled with the board’s feedback concerning our performances and evaluation. We’ve done an excellent job and I also want to appreciate everyone present here. The efforts are all yours, and we can see the increase of our income and pax. »

When we were done at the office, we had an afterwork partyyyyy! As usual, when Yul was around, he was always taking all airport team somewhere around in town. Today we decided to go to club.

Hum… if I knew, I would not have gone with them…

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