I got back home tired and emotionally overwhealmet . As I just opened the door, I was shocked by what I saw.

My house was dirty and messy. It was always the same thing each time I was out of town, i was always coming back to a dirty house.  That was my big challenge with the people I was living with. I was leaving with two of my cousins, Terry and Dominique; they were my junior cousins; my mother’s elder sister children.

Terry, the boy, was the first born and came to Dakar a year before Dominique, his younger sister. Its’ two years now that he has been living with me, as for his sister, it has been a year now that she joined us.

When my mum told me about them coming to study in Senegal, I was not enthusiastic about receiving them in my house.

I am the kind of girl who likes that her habits and quiet environment are not interfered into. I have my routine, and I don’t want anybody to come and disturb me.

One of the reasons I am still single up till now, and I don’t stay more than 06 months into relationships; I guess part of it is because of my bad manners. I guess… yes I think…

Immediately I called my mum. Please, Don’t even tell me that I cannot handle my problems alone without calling mumsy! We know each other here.

Mum: « KT (short name of Katreen, pronounced as ketty, that’s the name my mum always likes to call me) I don’t think you have to be so negative and rude with them, » she said, referring to my so called cousins and it was the same thing she was telling me each time ever since she announced me that they want to come to Dakar. Infact before the arrival of Terry in Dakar.

Tomiwa: « try and understand me mum. I don’t think it is a good idea to keep them in my house anymore. You know very well that we are not really in good term with your sister. We are trying to settle our problems but she is not helping it. And now her kids are just a mess and there is nothing to hide about it.

Mum:  « yes, KT, I know, but please do it for me. You know how my sister will talk again. She will surely say that to everybody as she used to do if you don’t accept them… that my child is in Dakar, and her children cannot live with her that we are family yet we treat her like a stranger. » She started begging me.

Tomiwa: « it does not matter, maman. Left for me, she can go to talk to the moon self if she likes. »

Mum: « KT! please, my dear, do it for me… » She pleaded. I hate it when I am asked to do something against my will.

Me: « Mum are you serious right now? After everything she did to you? » I was flabbergasted. My mum won’t change.

Mum: « please, KT, let’s not talk about it again. It is well, and I know you can handle them… »

Me: » hmmm.

My mum, after that, did not say anything else and changed the topic. I decided not to talk about it anymore too. 

And Since the first time I discussed that matter with my mum, I decided to receive my cousins in my home with the conviction that they have 04 or 05 years here in Dakar and after basta. Out!

I also decided to treat them like my brother and sister. Our late father used to tell us that:

« The problems brothers and sisters have in a family should not affect their children. If I have an issue with my sister or my brother, whether it takes time to be solved or not, my children should not be part of it, and they should always respect their uncle or aunt. »

That the reason I decided to let it go and receive my cousins in my house.

Tomiwa: « TERRY, DOMI, WHERE ARE YOU GUYS? » I shouted very loud expressing my anger.

Them: ….


Terry came out first from his room: « Yes YAYA KT! « ( in my country Gabon, we call our senior brother or sister by putting YAYA in front of the first name)

Tomiwa: « how many times will I tell you guys that I don’t like my house in a mess? »

Domi, following behind by her friend, came out from the kitchen: « Good morning Yaya KT! Sorry about all this. We were about to arrange it all. »

Tomiwa: « And who the fuck permitted you to do party in my house this weekend? When I travelled to Lagos last Friday, I told you that I would not want to see any mess when I’ll return! Isn’t it?

Them: yes it is Yaya KT!

Tomiwa: » so? Can someone explain what is going on here?. I’ll not continue to shout at you all the times concerning this house. We are all adults here, and I want you guys to contribution too. We have house help, so at least on weekends, you guys should try and behave like adults and not kids.

Them: D’accords!

Can you imagine that?

Big boys and girls like them behaving like babies. I am not going to tolerate it anymore. After the tiring journey I had because of this overbooked flight, I am coming back home to this, to face this kind of shit. Nonsense! When I think of what happened this morning, i am just too exhausted.

Monday morning.

05.30 am I woke up very tired that morning. Something unusual because I always sleep on time to be in a perfect shape the next day. Our job at the airport requires us to be 100% in good form because it’s too fast. We’re working in a fast pace environment.

After taking my bath, makeup, I put on my uniform, a mini green dress with an African design around the neck, pockets and down. I put on my shoes, carry my green bag, put my perfume 212VIP on.

I was ready for work! The company’s bus picked me up at 08.00 am. We resume work by 09am, but we have to pick other staff on duty up too.

Voyager Airlines is an African private company owned by Nigerian businessman. They have a good standard, but that is just because we have many white British and Australian members on the company’s board.

We have more than enough fleet and try to maintain our services to a good standard, but it’s not easy. Lol, its Africa, you know!

We got to the office. After dropping my bag, I went straight to the coffee machine because I knew that the day would be long.

Thank you guys for reading my stories.

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