CHAPTER 1: The Party

« On behalf of the board of the company, I want to extend my warm season’s greetings to everyone here today and their family.

I will not forget to think about those that are not able to be part of us today. We wish you a very Happy Christmas and a truly prosperous New Year.

Thank you for making VOYAGER AIRLINES what it is today.We have achieved great goals up till today, and this is due to everybody’s effort. It is hard to believe that another year has passed, and we have completed 05 years of operations.

Looking back, I remember our humble beginning when we launched our first flight between Lagos and Abuja on 23 of March, five years ago… » The CEO started his speech.

Me (talking to myself) : et c’est parti pour un autre discours à la ouf, pfff, chaque année c’est la même chose… qui lui écrit ses *speech* Damn?.

CEO: still speaking.

Me : Quelle fête ennuyante, comme d’hab’… Qu’est-ce que je fais même ici ? Si je savais, j’allais pour moi, prolonger ma mission à Paris…

CEO: still speaking.

Me : En plus il m’énerve ce mec, toujours en train de se la péter….

CEO: “We welcome this New Year with a focus on health, happiness, with success. Thank you once again, and lets the party start.”

And the party began as it was planned each year. Music, drinks, food, and gift for all staff… You know how Naija people like to « party ».

I was with my friend Ihuoma who always called me: « my one and only French Yoruba babe, » and I call her: « my one and only oyinbo gal » because she is a very light skin girl.

Ihuoma: Babe, check out this dude.

Ihuoma is that kind of girl. Even though she has a boyfriend who loves her, she always looks around for other men. According to her, she is still looking for the perfect one.

Me: « hmm oma, why are you always like that hein? Can’t you admire a man silently? »

Ihuoma: « get out! And so what… you dey always act as if you no dey bang… yèyè girl… haha, you will see, when spiders go build house under there you will remember me… abi you wan turn to a nun? tell me o I will go register you myself »

Me: « abeg, abeg, abeg don’t spoil my head o, I am a single lady »

Ihuoma: « Exactly my point…. Wouooo, my dear, forget… »

Me: « hmm… ok o… »

Before I could add another word, she left my side to go and talk to the so called fine guy.  He was a fine tall dude, i must admit, with fine haircut, pink leaps that are just too sweet to suck, (Tomiwa stopped fantasying).  I think he was London Country Manager, and he was talking with « Mister same speech » lol, you got it, our CEO.

There were around 150 people in the hall at the headquarters of our company. All stations were represented. I represented Senegal’s Dakar station. Since last year, I was appointed as the Acting Station Manager. 

As soon as she left me, I went to the bar to get a drink for myself…

*** Let’s take a break here *** PAUSE ***

Hey guys! Well! Before I go forward in my story, I will like to introduce myself …

My name is Katreen Tomiwa Liane Ekomi; I have three sisters and one brother. I’m 28 years old; Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can see your big eyes opening as if I am too young to be a station manager! How many years do I have as experience and bla, bla, bla…. Well don’t worry about it, I am going to tell you everything. Just follow me to the next chapter…

But for now, let me go and enjoy myself cos the party don start oh!

*** Resume ***

As I just turned back, I bumped on a man chest.…

Boom !

Oh noooonnn pas Lui Seigneur O nooooo…. God!!! Not him

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